January 1, 2015




Welcome to  our new website including a blog for The Austin Scotch Lovers. I am Catherine Sikora, the owner of the meet up group and this webpage. This is a photo of me taken by my best friend, Lisa Abbott, on December 25th, 2014. I decided to start  this webpage to support the Austin Scotch Lovers group. If you are finding this website in January of 2015, please be patient as I have plans for many things that will enhance our group in 2015, and some will take some time and money to implement. It is my hope to create videos on youtube connected to Scotch drinking in the Austin Area. I am also going to post some blog entries every month to promote the group and the events. I am new to most of this and will be on a learning curve for a while. I am not a great fan of Scotch reviews, but do know they are needed sometimes and have some included here on the website. I am hoping that members of the Scotch Lovers Group will want to write some reviews of their favorite Scotches and then post them here and on the meet up site. I find some Scotch reviews humorous, but generally speaking I start to glaze over after reading 3 or 4 in a row. I find that Scotch is such a personal thing and it is difficult to know if you will like a Scotch from someone’s description of it. I think Laphroaig has used this to great humorous ends by asking for people’s opinions of their Scotch and posting all of them and making  them into Carols! Some people love it and some hate it and it is really varied for the same Scotch whisky! Also, there are so many blogs reviewing Scotch out there, so if that is what you are looking for, I know you will find as many reviews as you would like to read about a particular expression! My focus here is to create a gathering place for everything and everyone to do with Scotch in Central Texas. If you know about anything happening that is Scotch related, contact me and I will post it on the meet up site!  Be sure to join the meet up group and come out and share a dram with us!

(Due to spamming problems, I have had to shut off my comments. Please connect with me on Twitter, Meet Up and through the contact page if you would like to speak with me.)