Whisky Distilleries & Drinking in Austin

Below is a list of all the active single malt whisky distilleries in Scotland, listed alphabetically. I have created links to their official websites when they have them. I am also including the inactive distilleries whose Scotch is available somewhere in Austin after the active list, and then some distilleries that make single malt whisky in the Scottish style after the list of inactive distilleries if their whisky is available in Austin.  Just for fun, I will also list the Scottish Grain Distilleries after the inactive list. Under each active Scottish Single Malt distillery is the name of a bar in the Austin metro area where you can buy an expression from this distillery, if there is one. I wanted to have a complete list of distilleries, but not all distilleries products are available in Austin. I will include notes about this under each one if the product isn’t available and I have more info. I have linked to the bars if they have a website. I welcome any help with keeping this updated, as I am basically just looking for this information and adding it as I find it. In order to keep this manageable, I am not going to list the different expressions and prices, as these may change so often as to make this page difficult to keep up to date. I may, at my discretion, list something notable, but I am not committing to anything as that could get very unmanageable. If you would like to help me, please contact me and send me any info you have! I last worked on this page on May 18, 2016.

There are many exceptional places on the web to find out all kinds of things about Scotch. I don’t want to re-invent the wheel here, nor do I wish to take credit for work I did not do.  I am going to use the resources that are there to build this page and give credit to the wonderful webpage builders that came before me, whose work helped me create this page. Sometimes the information is hard to verify and can be conflicting between the different sites. If you see something that is wrong, please drop me a note through the contact form and I will fix it. Please give me as much info as possible. The year founded is often different in different places and sometimes there is a founding date and a reopening date because it was closed, so that is why you see more than one year  for some distilleries. Sometimes the two dates mean something different.

To get an alphabetical list of distilleries, I used the lists from http://www.maltmadness.com/whisky/ and http://danishwhiskyblog.blogspot.dk. The Malt Madness site is chock full of information about Scotch and other whisky and I encourage you to visit them as they have a tremendous amount of fun and interesting facts about Scotch. They have a really, really nice interactive map of Scotland with all the distilleries shown. http://www.maltmadness.com/whisky/map/Scotland/  When you hover over a distillery it gives you a little snippet of information about it. When you click on it it brings up the distillery page that Malt Madness created.  It is really terrific and again, I encourage you to visit them. I also used the pdf map found at the Scotch Whisky Association website. Malt Madness is now updating their site thanks to a boon given to them by Serge Valentin. Here is another cool resource, a periodic table of Scotch distilleries created by Oliver Klimek from dramming.com. And while there, you can check out Oliver’s timeline of all Scottish Distilleries! I used wikipedia.org as well. I used all of these resources in some way to help me create this list.

My goal is to help you find places to drink Scotch in Austin Texas, so I am going to concentrate on that here, but I will give you a little info and also create a link to each distilleries website if they have one.

Distillery How to pronounce Year Founded Region Current Owner
 Aberfeldy ab er fel’ dee 1896 Highlands Bacardi, John Dewars & Sons
 Aberlour ab (er) lauw’ er 1826/1879 Speyside Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers
 Abhainn Dearg av in jeer’ ig 2009 Islands (Lewis) Mark Tayburn
 Ailsa Bay ale’ sa bay 2007 Lowlands William Grant & Sons
 Allt-A-Bhainne ol ta ven’ nee 1975 Speyside Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers
 Annandale an an’ dale 2007 Lowlands Annandale Distillery Company
 Arbikie ar bee’ kee 2014 Highlands Arbikie Distilling Ltd.
 Ardbeg ard beg’ 1815 Islay Luis Vuitton Moet Hennessy
 Ardmore ard moor’ 1898 Speyside Beam Suntory
 Ardnamurchan  ard na mur’ kin 2014 Highlands Adelphi Distillery Ltd.
 Arran ar’ rn 1993 Islands (Arran) Isle of Arran Distillers
 Auchentoshan awk en taw’ shin 1823 Lowlands Beam Suntory
 Auchroisk oath ru’ jsk 1974 Speyside Diageo
 Aultmore olt’ moor 1896 Speyside Bacardi, John Dewars & Sons
 Balblair ball blare’ 1790/1894 Highlands Thai Beverages, Inver House
 Ballindalloch  bal lin dal’ loch(in throat) or lock  2014 Speyside Ballindalloch Distillery
 Balmenach bal men’ ach(in throat) or ack 1824 Speyside Thai Beverages, Inver House
 Balvenie bal ven’ ee 1892 Speyside William Grant & Sons
 Ben Nevis ben nev’ is 1825 Highlands Nikka
 BenRiach ben ree’ ach(in throat) or ack 1898 Speyside BenRiach Distillery Company
 Benrinnes ben rin’ nis 1835 Speyside Diageo
 Benromach ben ro’ moch(in throat) or mock 1898 Speyside Gordon & MacPhail
 Bladnoch blad’ noch(in throat) or nock 1817/2000 Lowlands David Prior
 Blair Athol blare ath’ oll 1798 Highlands Diageo
 Bowmore bow’ more 1779 Islay Beam Suntory
 Braeval brave all’ 1974 Speyside Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers
 Bruichladdich  broo’ ich(in throat) lah’ dich(in throat) 1881 Islay Remy Cointreau
 Bunnahabhain boon ah hav’ in (or hab’ in) 1883 Islay Distell, Burn Stewart Distillers
Caol Ila     New Website cool eye’ la 1846 Islay Diageo
 Cardhu     New Website car dhoo’ 1824 Speyside Diageo
 Clynelish     New Website cline leash’ 1872/1968 Highlands Diageo
 Cragganmore     New Website craig’ an more 1870 Speyside Diageo
 Craigellachie craig el’ a kee 1891 Speyside Bacardi, John Dewar & Sons
 Daftmill daf’ mill 2005 Highlands Francis & Ian Cuthbert
 Dailuaine dall yoo’ an 1852 Speyside Diageo
 Dalmore dall’ moor 1839 Highlands Whyte & Mackay Ltd.
 Dalmunach  dal mon’ ach(in throat) or ack 2015 Speyside Pernod Ricard
 Dalwhinnie     NewWebsite dall win’ ee 1897 Highlands Diageo
 Deanston deen’ ston 1966 Highlands Distell, Burn Stewart Distillers
 Dufftown (Singleton)     New Website duff’ town 1896 Speyside Diageo
 Eden Mill  eed’ in mill 2014 (whisky) Lowlands  Eden Mill
 Edradour ed ra’ dow er 1825 Highlands Signatory Vintage SWC Ltd
 Fettercairn fet’ uhr care-n 1824 Highlands Whyte & Mackay Ltd.
 Glasgow Distillery Company (The)  glaz’ go  dis still’ er ee  com’ pan ee  2013 Lowlands Glasgow Distillery Company
 Glenallachie  glen ahl’ la key 1967 Speyside  Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers
 Glenburgie  glen bur’ ghee 1829 Speyside  Pernod Ricard, Allied
 Glencadam  glen ca’ dam 1825 Highlands  Angus Dundee Distillers
 Glendronach  glen dro’ noch(in throat) or nock 1826 Speyside  BenRiach Distilling Company
 Glendullan (Singleton)  glen dull’ an 1898 Speyside  Diageo
 Glen Elgin  glen ell’ gin (hard g) 1898 Speyside  Diageo
 Glenfarclas  glen far’ klaas 1836 Speyside  J. & G. Grant
 Glenfiddich  glen fi’ dich(in throat)  or dick 1886 Speyside  William Grant & Sons
 Glen Garioch  glen gear’ ree 1797 Highlands Beam Suntory
 Glenglassaugh  glen glass’ och(in throat) 1875 Speyside  BenRiach Distlling Company
 Glengoyne  glen goin’ 1833 Highlands  Ian Macleod Distillers
 Glen Grant  glen grant’ 1840 Speyside  Campari
 Glengyle (Kilkerran)  glen gale’ 1873/2004 Cambletown  Mitchell’s Glengyle Ltd.
 Glen Keith  glen keeth’ 1959 Speyside  Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers
 Glenkinchie     New Website  glen kin’ chee 1837 Lowlands  Diageo
 Glenlivet  glen liv’ ett 1824/1858 Speyside  Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers
 Glenlossie  glen loss’ ay 1876 Speyside  Diageo
 Glenmorangie  glen more’-un-gee (rhymes w/orangey) 1843 Highlands  Luis Vuitton Moet Hennessy
 Glen Moray  glen more’ ay 1897 Speyside  La Martiniquaise
 Glen Ord (Singleton)     New Website  glen ord’ 1838 Highlands  Diageo
 Glenrothes  glen roth’ ez 1879 Speyside  1887 Co., Highland Distillers
 Glen Scotia  glen scoe’ sha 1832 Cambletown  Glen Catrine Bnd Wrhse Ltd.
 Glen Spey  glen spay’ 1878 Speyside  Diageo
 Glentauchers  glen tawch(in throat) or tawck’ ers 1898 Speyside  Pernod Ricard, Allied
 Glenturret  glen ture’ et 1775/1957 Highlands  The Edrington Group
 Highland Park  hi’ land park 1798/1826 Islands (Orkney)  The Edrington group
 InchDairnie inj dar’ nie 2015 Lowlands John Fergus & Co.
 Inchgower  inj gow’ er  1871 Speyside  Diageo
 Isle of Jura  ile of joo’ ra  1810/1963  Islands (Jura)  White and MacKay
 Kilchoman  kil ho’ man  2005  Islay  Kilchoman Distillers Co. Ltd.
 Kingsbarns  kings’ barns  2014  Lowlands  Wemyss Malts
 Kinninvie  kin nin’ vee  1990  Speyside  William Grant and Sons Ltd.
Knockando  nock an’ doo  1898  Speyside  Diageo
 Knockdhu (anCnoc)  nock doo’  1893 Speyside Thai Beverages, Inver House
 Lagavulin      New Website  lag a voo’ lin  1816 Islay  Diageo
 Laphroaig  la froyg’  1810/1815 Islay  Beam Suntory
Linkwood  link wood (equal)  1821/1990 Speyside  Diageo
 Lochewe (hard to classify)  lock you’  2006 Highlands  John Clotworthy
 Loch Lomond (also makes grain)  lock low’ mond  1966 Highlands  Glen Catrine Bnd Wrhse Ltd.
 Longmorn  long mourn’  1894  Speyside  Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers
 Macallan (The)  mac al’ lan  1824  Speyside  The Edrington Group
 Macduff (The Deveron) (Glen Deveron)  mac duff’  1960  Speyside  Barcardi, John Dewar & Sons
 Mannochmore  man ock’ moor  1971  Speyside  Diageo
 Miltonduff  mill ten duff’  1824  Speyside  Pernod Ricard
 Mortlach     New Website  mort’ lock  1823  Speyside  Diageo
 Oban     New Website  oh’ bin  1794  Highlands  Diageo
 Old Pulteney  old pult’ nee  1826  Highlands Thai Beverages, Inver House
 Roseisle  rose ile’  2010  Speyside  Diageo
 Royal Brackla  roy’ el brak’ la  1812  Highlands  Bacardi, John Dewar & Sons
 Royal Lochnagar     New Website  roy’ el lock’ na gar  1845  Highlands  Diageo
 Scapa  skaa’ pa  1885  Islands (Orkney)  Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers
 Social Distillery (Hareach Whisky)  so’ shal (haar ee’ ack)  2015  Islands (Harris)  Anderson Bakewell
 Speyburn  spay’ burn  1897  Speyside  Thai Beverages, Inver House
 Speyside  spay’ side  1962/1990  Speyside  Speyside Distillers limited
 Springbank (Hazelburn) (Longrow)  spring’ bank  1828  Cambletown  Springbank Distillers limited
 Strathearn  strath earn’ 2013  Lowlands  Tony Reeman-Clark
 Strathisla  strath ay’ la  1786  Speyside  Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers
 Strathmill  strath mill’  1891  Speyside  Diageo
Talisker      New Website  tal’ is ker  1830  Islands (Skye)  Diageo
 Tamdhu  tam’ doo  1896  Speyside  Ian MacLeod Distillers
 Tamnavulin  tam na voo’ lin  1966  Speyside  Whyte & MacKay
 Teaninich  tee’ ah nin ick  1817  Highlands  Diageo
Tobermory (Ledaig)  to’ ber more” ay (let chick)  1798  Islands (Mull)  Distell, Burn Stewart Distillers
Tomatin (Cu Bocan)  to’ ma tin  1897  Highlands  Takara Shuzo Co.
 Tomintoul  to min tow’ el  1965  Speyside  Angus Dundee
 Tormore  to’ moor  1960  Speyside  Pernod Ricard, Allied
 Tullibardine  tul’ lee bar deen  1949  Highlands  Picard Vins and Spiriteaux
 Wolfburn wolf’ burn  2013  Highlands  Aurora Brewing Company Ltd.
 Grain Distilleries in Scotland:
 Cameronbridge (Haig Distillery)  cam’ er on bridge  1826/2000(reopen)  Lowlands Diageo
 Girvan  ger’ vin  1963  Lowlands William Grant & Sons
 Invergordon  in ver gor’ den  1959  Highlands  Whyte & MacKay
 North British  north brit’ tish  1885  Lowlands  Diageo/ The Edrington Group
 Starlaw  star’ law  2011  Lowlands  Glen Turner Company
 Strathclyde  strath clide (equal)  1927  Lowlands  Pernod Ricard
 Other Single Malt Whisky (Scottish Style):  This is not all inclusive. My curated list!
Swift Single Malt Distillery  swift  2012  Dripping Springs Texas  Nick and Amanda Swift
 Balcones Distilling  bal cone’ ayz  2008  Waco Texas  Balcones Distilling
 Brenne  bren’ neh  2012  France/NYC  Allison Patel